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Plan your dream wedding

MyConcierge in Mykonos sets a new standard for destination weddings. From bridal showers and spa pampering to tequila tasting bachelor parties, we offer comprehensive wedding services and dedicated wedding planners to help you plan each detail of your most cherished occasion while making it an affair to remember.

Your family and friends will be pampered with a lavish selection of amenities, including a private dining on the beach, and bespoke service from our team. Whatever your dream day includes, let us create a flawless celebration of love that will be remembered for a lifetime.



Provide us with the list of vendors you have already chosen. Be sure to include names and contact information.

If you need assistance finding additional vendors, let us know – each property has a list of preferred vendors to share. Many of our properties offer floral design, lighting, decor and other services in-house, which will help streamline your wedding to-do list.


Choose a date and time for your rehearsal and rehearsal event. Typically this is the day before the ceremony.

Choose a rehearsal event. Commonly a dinner, the event is an opportunity to entertain family, out-of-town guests and the bridal party before the wedding day.

Create a list of wedding guests for both the rehearsal and the event. The rehearsal should include all members of the wedding party, the officiant and the wedding planner. The dinner may include additional family members and friends at the discretion of the bride and groom.


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