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A rustic beachside escape at Scorpios

If you had to describe it as briefly as possible, Scorpios rightly claims the title of "paradise isle on the Cycladic coastline". Nestled on the sun-drenched southern tip of Mykonos, this stunning concept goes beyond that of your average beach club. You could compare it to visiting a summer home on the Mediterranean coast – one that embodies the perfect blend of luxury and rusticity.

A contemporary interpretation of an ancient Greek agora, Scorpios features a remarkable stretch of pristine beach, a stone house, a restaurant, custom-built stages to practice the club's renowned sunset rituals and al fresco terraces that open out onto the water. Wooden cabanas, sunbeds, wicker furniture and rope hammocks discreetly blend in with their natural surrounds and serenity abounds everywhere you look. But if that isn't enough to get Scorpios on your bucket list of places to visit when in Mykonos, it's that heady mix of the secluded vibe by day and buzzing energy after sundown you definitely mustn't miss! 

Imagine uninterrupted views of the clear open sea meeting the blue sky, you can hardly define the horizon. But once the sun begins its descent, the landscape transforms dramatically, leaving you with picture perfect skies in hues of yellow, gold, orange and pink. And this is also when the tempo picks up on the island. Every day, around 6:30pm, Scorpios comes to life with the retreat's famous sunset rituals. Drummers in feathered headdresses and Yoruba priests take over the stage spinning soul jazz – think Burning Man on the Med. And it all comes together as the ultimate nod to beach culture.  

When it comes to the food philosophy, Scorpios likes to keep it simple with wholesome, satisfying and hearty Mediterranean flavours. Championing organic local produce, the gourmet delights here are predominantly vegetarian but carnivores and seafood lovers can also expect a good mix of speciality dishes. Here, it's more about food that fills the soul. After all, when you're unwinding at what clearly is one of the most magical retreats in Mykonos, you'll want to sink into incredibly comforting flavours while you laze the day away. 


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