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Soak up the energy after hours at Queen of Mykonos

Much like the name implies, Champagne and cocktail bar Queen of Mykonos is a hit with Greece's glitterati set. Located steps away from the beautiful centre of Chora, the venue draws in the crowds decked out in their finest, eager to spend the night mingling and sipping exotic drinks. Book your VIP table now with your concierge and get ready to experience this hot venue when holidaying in Mykonos.

A beautiful, glamorous and cosy street bar in the heart of the town, Queen of Mykonos is nestled right next to the Maritime Museum and is pretty easy to get to using public transport or a private vehicle, which you can hire with us. Although it might be handy to mention, there's quite a line of cars making their way to the venue and you're likely to be caught in a jam. A quick stroll to the nightclub through the town's winding lanes might just fix that! But once you get in, the setting changes entirely, and it buzzes with a palpable sense of vibrancy.

Take in the energetic setting while sipping on your favourite cocktails and listening to soulful house music. There's a reason why Queen of Mykonos is among the island's favourite bars – some of the cocktails found here are unique to the venue in all of Mykonos.

If you walk by the venue before sunset, it might seem like any other haunt in Mykonos, serving up a delightful experience in hospitality. But after midnight, the loud music (often heard till outside on the streets) will pique your curiosity. A chic table setting, a luxurious vibe and the who's who of Mykonos on the guest list define this space.

For those who prefer visiting Queen of Mykonos before the tempo picks up, we recommend visiting at sunset to sip on an exotic sundowner and take in the serene surrounds. Don't hesitate to ask the bartenders to whip up something unique and fancy for you. With some of the best drinks on the island, who knows, they might just come up with something you'd want to keep coming back to.


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