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Book a private dinner at Kenshō Fine Dining Restaurant

Some of the hottest dining experience find themselves at home at Kenshō Ornos Hotel & Suites. Boasting true culinary flair, this five-star resort in Mykonos offers an array of international flavours curated by the island's finest chefs. Designed as culinary journeys that invite you to rediscover the world through your plate, every dining experience at the hotel is sure to impress. But if you're looking for something that goes beyond your usual wine-and-dine routine, a private beachside dinner at this stunning resort might be just the thing for you. In an intimate setting by the shore on Ornos Beach, you can toast to a remarkable evening with a gourmet experience unlike any other.

Whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or are planning the perfect proposal, the calming backdrop of the Aegean Sea in the distance adds a magical element to your evening. Start out at sunset for the most magical views and watch the sky transform right before your eyes as you sip on sundowners.

The dining experience begins with your host ushering you to a table on the shore. A red carpet on the sand leads you to an elegant canopy, adorned with flowers and lamps. Here, on a candlelit table, you can sip on Champagne before you're presented with a selection of indulgent treats, think everything from traditional Greek favourites to modern Mediterranean platters of treats.

You can take your pick from bespoke menus, personalised for the occasion, based on your preferences and the restaurant's skilled chefs will whip up one of the most magical meals you've ever had. Doesn't it sound like the experience of a lifetime? This is definitely not something you should miss!

Here's your chance to experience the very best of fine dining in Mykonos with Kenshō's culinary mastery while the ambient views and serene setting make for one evening to remember. 

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