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Enjoy breakfast and brunch staples at Marenga Milk Bar

In Summer 2016, Mykonos welcomed its first boutique mall, a place that can easily be compared to other ones in Saint Tropez, Miami and Ibiza. Part of the beautiful MyMall is a very unique and creative breakfast & brunch restaurant called Marenga Milk Bar, which I have to admit I loved!

The design of Marenga relies heavily on the colors of black, white and wood, giving its customers the opportunity to enjoy their meal on a modern, nature based environment. The shop features a beautiful patio that welcomes its visitors to stay a little bit longer and read their newspaper while having their coffee.

You can either choose to visit the shop on your way to the beach to get some freshly brewed coffee along with a nutritious bar, or decide to stay on the patio and indulge in a breakfast with eggs and tasteful sandwiches. In addition, Marenga produces every day delicious sweets such as lemonpie and chocolate mousse that you can easily pass by and get for some night cravings!


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