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VIP Boeing B757-200 Private Rental

The VIP Boeing B757-200 combines luxury, range and capacity all in one. Its unique design and onboard features make this aircraft very versatile, thus able to accommodate many types of different charter needs. Our onboard Wi-Fi network allows passengers to stay connected at all times and to take care of business from anywhere in the world.

The aircraft is one of the latest delivered models of the Boeing B757-200. Having been recently refurbished, it is in excellent condition. The unique combination of features onboard the VIP B757 offers its passengers maximum comfort, convenience, and safety. So whatever your travel requirements may be, the B757 is the perfect aircraft for you. It truly is one of a kind.


2 Cabins | 62 person

Passengers Cabin

The B757’s spacious cabin accommodates up to 62 passengers in Club Class seating, ensuring that all passengers aboard enjoy lavish comfort and space. The cabin is divided into several sections for additional privacy and security.


The new onboard stateroom and large private en-suite are elegantly designed, providing VIP comfort and privacy for its occupants.


Galley, Flight Attendant, Wi-Fi, IFE / CD / DVD, Sound system, Satellite Phone, Recline 140 degrees

Baggage Capacity

The 757-200 hold 10 tonnes capacity 350 bags

Weight: 10,000 kg / 22,406 lb

Volume: 50.8 m³ / 1,794 ft³


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