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See the stars at Astra in Mykonos

While at first glance the Aegean-style cottage façade may seem a little unassuming, Astra is anything but ordinary. This popular nightclub opened its doors to eager visitors in 1987 and till date, retains top honours as one of the island's most famous and glamorous nightlife destinations. It's a name that needs no introduction among the Myconian and international jet set and the venue has played host to the likes of The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards and fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana. Surely a must-visit on the island! You can now book yourself a VIP table online with your concierge. With its notorious reservation-only policy, it’s a popular choice for well-heeled socialites keen for a bit of celebrity spotting.

Astra was popular among the glitterati set even before Mykonos earned its enviable reputation as a party locale. The haunt maintains its charm even today, giving you the opportunity to experience the romance of the '60s, '70s and '80s with a modern touch of luxury. The nightclub was founded by Babis Pasaoglou, a socialite on the '70s party scene and was designed by Minas, the world-famous artist whose work reflects bright light and simple lines, drawing from the architecture and rugged landscape of the Cyclades. The red bougainvillaeas growing on white walls and blue furnishing against the backdrop of the sea make for one extraordinary setting. And what's more? The dome resembles an Observatory, giving you a truly out-of-this-world feeling. And if that wasn't enough, the fibre-optic ceiling mirrors the night sky with constellations in the northern hemisphere lighting up to the beat.

There's also a decked outdoor terrace, which sees visitors flocking in from late afternoon until the wee hours of morning to toast to a wonderful time with some sparkling Champagne. Whereas, the dance floor comes to life only after midnight, drawing in the party crowd looking for great music and exotic drinks. 


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