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Agusta 109C Helicopter Rental

The Agusta 109C is a lightweight twin-engine helicopter equipped with air conditioning, luxurious interiors and retractable landing gear. 109c is known for its speed, elegant appearance, and ease of control features various advanced avionics systems. Inside, sound system, Wine cooler. It features a comfortable 6 seated passengers (3 front and 3 aft facing) seated cabin, offering an ideal VIP environment, equipped with an air-conditioned custom leather seated interior, while also soundproofed against outside noise. Hire now a helicopter in Greece and visit Greece’s beautiful islands in less than an hour, Agusta 109c It is one of the best VIP helicopters you can charter.

Baggage Capacity

Height: 60 cm

Front Width: 90 cm

Rear Width: 80 cm

Left Side Length: 110 cm

Right Side Length: 85 cm


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